fixed asset

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets What is a ‘Fixed Asset’ ? A fixed asset is a long-term tangible piece of property that an organization owns and uses in the production of its income and is not expected to be consumed or convert into cash any sooner than at least one year’s time. Fixed assets are sometimes collectively referred […]

Asset management

Recording of Fixed Asset Details

Recording of Fixed Asset Details Information recorded against a fixed assets will change from business to business, which means that the following procedure may need to be adjusted.  Below are the steps to maintain fixed assets related information. Create record Create a new record for the asset and assign the next sequential record number to […]


Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio

Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio   What is Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio? Fixed Assets Turnover is one of the efficiency ratios that use to measure how efficiently the entity’s fixed assets are being used to generate sales. Just like its formula, the main idea of Fixed Assets Turnover is to assess number […]